Sunday Services

bread, Bible and wine Our main Sunday service, the Parish Eucharist, begins at 9.20am and lasts for approximately an hour. The service includes well known hymns, a time for our prayers and sharing the bread and wine in Communion. To make the service easier to follow we produce our own service booklets that follow the Church's year; beginning in Advent and ending in Easter. After the service there is coffee/tea and biscuits and a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. On some Sundays we have a Baptism service either within or following the main service. Some Sundays there is even cake and wine to mark birthdays and special anniversaries!

Families and children are very welcome.

3rd Sunday

On the third Sunday of the month there is "Sunday Worship with Communion", which is a simpler, slightly shorter service. After the service there is Healing Ministry available where private prayers are said for individuals.

Monday Meditation Service

meditation candles Most Mondays at 7pm there is usually a silent Meditation Service lasting about half an hour. We begin the service by listening to a short piece of music and then enter a time of quiet reflection. This can include contemplating the previous Sunday's readings, reading through an excerpt from a Christian book or simply stilling ourselves and listening to God.

On the 1st Monday of the month the Service usually includes praying with the Rosary (Anglican version) followed by a short time of silent prayer.