Sunday Services

bread, Bible and wine Our main Sunday service, known as Holy Communion, begins at 9.20am and lasts for approximately an hour. The service includes well known hymns, a time for our prayers and sharing the bread and wine in Communion. To make the service easier to follow we produce our own service booklets that follow the Church's year; beginning in Advent and ending in Easter. After the service there is coffee/tea and biscuits and a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. On some Sundays we have a Baptism service either within or following the main service. Some Sundays there is even cake and wine to mark birthdays and special anniversaries!

Families and children are very welcome.

  • 2nd Sunday
    During Communion there is a short session for the Ministry of Healing where private prayers are said for individuals.
  • 3rd Sunday
    There is "Sunday Worship including Communion".

Monday Meditation Service

meditation candles Most Mondays at 7pm there is usually a silent Meditation Service lasting about half an hour. We begin the service by listening to a short piece of music and then enter a time of quiet reflection. This can include contemplating the previous Sunday's readings, reading through an excerpt from a Christian book or simply stilling ourselves and listening to God.

On the 1st Monday of the month the Service usually includes praying with the Rosary (Anglican version) followed by a short time of silent prayer.